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The new multi-wave laser device developed fot Veterniary Specialists


High Power Laser Therapy


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Laser therapy is a renowned practice to treat several kinds of medical diseases and conditions.

In recent times, laser technology has reached a mainstream position even in the Veterinary field to treat small and large domestic and farm animals, avian and exotic species.

The growing interest in the application of the laser and its scientifically proven benefits, has led the Specialists to use it for chronic and acute joints inflammation as well as for muscle pain, skin wound healing, bacterial and viral infections and many other clinical problems.

In case of surgery, the laser reduces the need for anesthesia, offers a more precise cut without bleeding and minimal swelling during recovery time if compared to traditional methods.

VETEO Plus is the new multi – wave laser device developed for Veterinary Specialists who want to increase the value of service provided.
The unit combines combines the properties of different wavelengths :
The peculiar affinity of 450nm blue laser with hemoglobin allows superlative cutting and an immediate coagulation of the site , with less contact and invasively.
Red laser 635nm is suggested to promote more accurate wound healing and photodynamic therapy PDT procedures.
IR laser 810nm infrared laser is well known to modulate cellular response boosting ATP and nitric oxide ( NO ) production. It’s mainly recommended to treat chronic / acute inflammatory conditions , provide pain relief as well as reduce bacteria in dental procedures and in orthopedic applications before stitches .

The Advantages At a Glance

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VETEO is a single-wave diode laser device developed for Veterinary Specialists.
The well known features of 980nm laser light allows a reliable cutting of the tissue with good coagulation and less pain in the post-operation phase.
The laser technology is a new and completely different approach for treating animal conditions, with high bacteria reduction and less recovery time.
VETEO is also appreciated by the Specialist for the good performance related to endoscopy surgery, upper airway conditions in horses and Veterinary dentistry.

The Advantages At a Glance

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DYNAMO is the compact pen laser developed to provide low level laser dosage as well therapeutic effects which accelerate healing and decrease pain and discomfort.

The safe emission of laser light makes DYNAMO an effective non-invasive way to treat and manage many different conditions increasing the animals’ expectations of life.

The Advantages At a Glance

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