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Podiatry Laser System

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Fungus toenial problem?

Rapido laser is the answer

In modern times, the medical laser is used as a versatile and valuable tool in various fields of medicine, not only for its therapeutical features but also for the selective action in tissue vaporization.

RAPIDO PODIA is a modern fusion among reliable technology and clinical collaboration developed to treat several conditions related to foot & ankle, promoting healing and avoiding symptoms recurrence.


Operating inside the therapeutical window, RAPIDO PODIA Laser uses a process called photobiomodulation, which stimulates or inhibits cellular function according to its intensity, application time and target tissue type.
The boost of ATP production and protein synthesis provide the modulation of cellular membrane, which causes pain relief and fight local inflammations.


RAPIDO PODIA is a medical versatile diode laser able to treat warts in an effetive and less invasive way compared to traditional methods as well as able to provide pain relief and to reduce the presence of fungi and bacteria.


Laser therapy is proven to be a versatile, less invasive and effective approach to reduce fungi of nails, especially when compared to traditional methods like topical or oral antifungal medications.

RAPIDO PODIA laser is used after the traditional curettage to stimulate the nail bed with an intense heat which increase local temperature and destroy fungi and viruses.
Patients will feel less discomfort and this is basically due to the good interaction with water which helps to reduce humidity of nails.
Laser onychomycosis requires just few minutes every sessions and a range of 6-8 applications to be completed.


Wound healing has been one of the first approach studied related to laser therapy.
The action of RAPIDO PODIA laser stimulates cell activity, strengthens cell signals and increases the efficiency of the body’s natural immune system. It boosts the production of anti- inflammation enzymes, releases endorphins (known as a pain reducing hormon), and increases the formation of collagen and elastin which promotes the healing of wounds and the rehabilitation of the injured area following surgical procedures.

Even for diabetic patient, laser therapy represents a great evolution in the management of symptoms.
These delicate patients, in fact, should have their feet constantly monitored to avoid severe consequences, including amputation. Diabetes slows blood flow and causes ulcers that are very difficult to treat and heal.
Laser therapy stimulated the blood to flow out of clogged arteries, allowing the normal function of the tissue treated to be restored. The coagulation is immediate and stable.

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