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Laser is one of the newest developments in dentistry, and has stimulated growth in the medical and dental equipment market. The use of the laser makes the treatment more effective for the specialist and less painful for the patient. The current range of Medency products includes lasers for implantology, surgery, pocket decontamination as well as oral prophylaxis.


TRIPLO is the new multi-wave laser device which combines the properties of different wavelengths:

The peculiar affinity of 450nm blue laser with hemoglobin allows faster cutting and an immediate coagulation of the site, with less contact with the tissue, not invasively and faster postoperative recovery.
The 635nm red laser is suggested to promote healing of the site and photodynamic therapy – aPDT procedures.
The 980nm infrared laser keeps the great advantages of reducing bacteria in the periodontal and endodontic approach and it ensures deep penetration on the tissue for TMJ disorders and orofacial therapy.

The Advantages At a Glance

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PRIMO provides a wide range of oral applications and is thus a viable alternative to conventional surgical methods like electrocautery and scalpel. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the device is easy to use and fast to make in function.
Laser Technology provides several benefits in dental surgery, periodontics, endodontics, implantology, cosmetics and therapy.

The Advantages At a Glance

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Due to an increasingly hectic life, oral prophylaxis has now become an essential form of prevention to avoid traumatic and painful dental diseases.

PRIMO Lite is a medical laser device designed to maintain the optimal oral health and avoid the requirement of invasive surgical treatments.

The safe action of the laser light and the use of thin optical tips offer deep decontamination of the site with superlative bacteria reduction, with better results especially in the post-operative phase.
Developed for all dentists, ideal for hygienists and orthodontic specialists.

The Advantages At a Glance

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DYNAMO is the compact pen laser device developed for the dentists who want to exceed the expectations of their patients and increase the quality of dental treatments. The wide range of accessories and the particularity of its wavelength make DYNAMO the suitable tool for laser therapy and an effective decontamination means during implantology.

The first pen laser unit developed for efficient and quick applications.

Available in different wavelengths, DYNAMO gives the user a total control of movement and the possibility to choose from several scientific-based protocols for multiple dental purposes.

Suggested for implantology specialists.

The Advantages At a Glance

*Product under CE registration process.

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SUPREMO is the last cutting-edge blue laser technology which allows the specialist to boost performance in dental surgery procedures with great haemostasis and disinfection at the same time, thanks to its high absorption and interaction with haemoglobin.

Versatile blue laser light, fast operation and accurate selection of protocols. The use of laser in modern dentistry is now only limited by imagination!

Suggested for Expert Laser Surgeons

The Advantages At a Glance

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Optical Tip 200μm

The ENDODONTICS TIPs are developed to be extremely flexible and with specific length to reach the most difficult areas within the root canal.


Optical Tip 300μm

The SURGERY TIPs with Triplo Laser are resistant to maintain effective control during cutting. Their fit is perfect to deal with different cutting conditions in a less invasive way than traditional methods. This features allow the Specialists to avoid the risk of tip breakage during operation or sterilization cycles.


Optical Tip 400μm

The PERIODONTICS TIPs have extraordinary elasticity and resistance to be used inside the gingival pocket and decrease the presence of bacteria and virus. Laser decontamination provides superlative results especially when compared to traditional methods.


Optical Tip 400μm RADIAL

The perfect tool for treating peri-implantitis with mechanical debridement combined with frontal and lateral laser decontamination. The easiest way to either cure peri-implantitis and strengthen the hard peri-implantary tissue.



The surgical straight handpieces have been specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology. It can be dismantled for simple and precise cleaning in autoclave.

This multi-disciplinary handpiece is used in conjunction with different terminal, specially developed for practitioners looking for easy-to-use application.

medency accessories dental handpiece



The BELL handpiece is an extra-oral accessory to use in contact with the tissue. It is suitable to treat all post-op. inflammations and associated pain and it is an effective solution for temporomandibular disorders (TMJ). The beam spot diameter is 22mm.

medency accessories dental bell



The BIO handpiece is an intra-oral accessory developed to provide laser therapy even in the more distal areas of the mouth. The features of the tool allow it to be a versatile solution for biostimulation, wound healing, PDT applications and trigger points.

medency accessories dental bio



The WHITENING handpiece is mainly dedicated to bleaching procedures. The wide arch allows to fully cover each quadrant of the mouth, providing the best delivery of laser light in the quickest way.

medency accessories dental arch

COSMETIC handpiece

The COSMETIC handpiece is the ideal tool to perform various cosmetic procedures driving the collimated laser beam onto biological tissue with high precision in a micro spot of 0.4 cm2.


Directo is a special collimated handpiece developed to increase therapy’s reliability with no energy dispersion.

The ideal tool to treat all painful conditions such as Headaches, Torticollis (Twisted neck), General arthritis, Sinusitis. Easy to use and very practical as it is not operator-dependent.

logo directo medency

Medency's CART

With a sleek, modern design and easy installation, the Medency’s Cart roll can be incorporated into any space with its mobility and perfect height. Equipped with shelves and antistatic castors, the cart thanks to its curved shape can be easily positioned in the immediate vicinity, facilitate the daily work and optimize every type of intervention.

METAL CASE with logo

If you need to move your device to another practice you do it with style: lightweight metal flight case with internal layouts will keep the device protect all the time!