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Technology, innovation and passion are the main features of MEDENCY Company. Creating solutions to make wellness more widely available without compromising quality is a major challenge.

Innovative products with a strong focus on research and development. MEDENCY meets the requisites to manufacture medical devices, dental lasers and electronic system bringing them to market according to the current directives and comprehensive quality control systems. Most of medical devices and their applications reach the acceptance in all continents from most of professionals and specialists in their field. MEDENCY is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company based in Vicenza, Italy.


MEDENCY has been built by a talented team upon profound global expertise in the dental market and dental lasers in particular. Our overall mission is to deliver a combination of cutting-edge products, services and interaction with customers drawing on a wide network of academic partners.

MEDENCY’s CEO, Alessandro Boschi, who has held many important leadership roles in the dental business over the past 15 years, see business as the ultimate team experience. We think first of others and take a sincere interest in all points of view.  Freedom of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation.


The current range of products includes equipment for implantology, laser surgery and decontamination as well as education programs aimed to learn the use of new instruments.

Laser is one of the newest developments in dentistry, and has stimulated growth in the medical and dental equipment market. In dental surgery in particular, laser offers numerous benefits, rendering treatment more effective for the dentist and less painful for the patient, accelerating treatment and leading to significantly improved patient outcomes.

PRIMO combines state-of-the-art diode laser technology with innovation and the experience of MEDENCY in the dental industry. PRIMO provides a variety of applications and is thus a viable alternative to conventional surgical methods like electrocautery and the scalpel. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the device is very easy to use.

Lasers have several uses for dental surgery, periodontics, endodontics, implantology, cosmetics and therapy.

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There are always big discussions in Implantology on how to achieve predictable primary stability in immediate loading and oral rehabilitation on the same day of surgery. Actually there is a technique that is over 30 years old and has demonstrated many advantages in clinical practice. Plus the modern researches in the field of dentistry revolutionize the equipment with easiest and simple approaches. JOINPLANT is the faster, the simpler and economic concept to fix implants in the event of immediate loading. This result is achieved thanks to the technique of welding titanium bars on implant abutments. The procedure is performed directly in the mouth eliminating possibility of mistakes or alterations.

The advantages at a glance

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Every day we make new research, deliver excellence through international programs and forge partnerships that have a global impact. We are delighted to be hosting and attending a wide range of exciting events.

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MEDENCY cooperates with a large number of Education providers such as Academies and Universities. Alliances with Educational partners is very important to MEDENCY and we are committed to support in their continuous development and success. Our aim is to provide fresh thinking in education.

MEDENCY provides relevant, leading-edge educational opportunities throughout the year, we provide customized medical education opportunities to serve the needs of our customers and enhance the work they do everyday.

Increase the confidence with new technologies, establish your modern facilities!

Our educational program is offered in compliance with the applicable local laws and to the medical technology industry ethical standards.


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