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Active education

The smarter way to increase your knowledge


Hands-on classroom


Live Training

MEDENCY cooperates with a large number of Education providers such as Academies and Universities. Alliances with Educational partners are very important and we are committed to supporting them in their continuous development and success. 

MEDENCY provides relevant, fresh thinking & leading-edge educational opportunities throughout the year to serve the needs of it’s customers and enhance the work they do every day.

Increase the confidence with new technologies, establish your modern facilities!

Through the ACTIVEDUCATION Academy you’ll be able to get in contact with patented Specialists who will be glad to introduce tip & tricks of laser application.

Our educational program is offered in accordance with applicable local laws and ethical standards of the medical technology industry.

Latest news and events

Every day we deliver excellence and experience through international programs and forge partnerships that have a global impact. We are delighted to be hosting and attending a wide range of exciting events. 

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