Having a laser device at our side not only means pushing forward to the continuous increase of new technologies in private and working life, but also making a step towards the future.
In fields like ENT for instance, the use of medical laser devices is changing the rules in terms of treatment results and patient recovery after operation.
In this sense, the laser is used as a surgical instrument bringing more precise cutting without bleeding, replacing the scalpel and others clinical tools.

Blue laser light is a new and outstanding solution for ENT surgery.

The superlative clinical features of RAPIDO ENT BLUE allow faster tissue vaporization and ablation, avoiding necrosis and damages to surrounding areas.

If compared to traditional techniques with scalpel and electrosurgery as well as others similar laser sources (KTP), there is no sign of bleeding and less inflammation developed during the postoperative phases.

RAPIDO ENT BLUE is the unique portable laser system able to fulfill the demands for a wide range of clinical applications where contact or non-contact treatment is required.

The Advantages At a Glance

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RAPIDO ENT is a compact medical device with an intuitive software and a long list of pre-set protocols developed for ENT surgery and therapy.

Cutting precision, less bleeding and faster recovery after surgery are just few of the many benefits of using Rapido ENT for ear, nose and throat applications.

The Advantages At a Glance

Also Available in:     ITA  


Dynamo is the compact pen laser developed for a medical multidisciplinary approach and finds application in the Ear/Nose/Throat treatments and associate problematic conditions, promoting the healing through a Low Level Laser dosage.

Available in different wavelengths, DYNAMO is particularly appreciated in therapy. It stimulates selectively the cell membrane to enhance the cellular regeneration processes .

DYNAMO pen laser is the suitable solution for the treatment of nervous system injuries and disorders as well as of several inflammatory conditions.

The Advantages At a Glance

*Product under CE registration process.

Also Available in:     ITA