In modern times, the laser has rapidly become a valid instrument in aesthetic medicine, both for treating skin disorders and in providing tangible cosmetic benefits to the dermal layer.

RAPIDO Laser is a modern fusion among reliable technology and medicine experience. It is not limited to purely aesthetic purpose, but creates a condition of well-being for the body promoting all the biological reactions for skin rejuvenation.


Rapido Laser is a minimally invasive device developed to provide fat reduction, endolifting procedures promoting skin tightening and mico-surgery applications.  The gently action of laser brings less pain after surgery with fast return to the normal daily routine.


Rapido Laser uses the power of light to melt the fat before its removal, making it easier to vacuum it out via suction. This minimally invasive procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which results in a firmer, tighter, and smoother skin as well as coagulation of small blood vessels in the area, meaning less bruising.


Laser technology has been proved to be effective in fat-dissolving and skin-tightening procedures for body and face contouring, with less side effects compared to other techniques.

The powerful laser beam of RAPIDO unit hits the fat cells and  the protective membrane melting the fat, with a natural absorption. A minimally invasive and safe treatment for maximum results.

The Advantages At a Glance

  • Complete and dedicated clinical protocols
  • Gentle and effective skin stimulation
  • Standard plugs for standard accessories
  • Controlled thermal effect
  • Less invasive procedures
  • No running costs, consumables

Also Available in:     ITA

Medical lasers provide an effective anti-inflammatory effect, alleviating painful symptoms and avoiding the recurrence of conditions.

RAPIDO laser developed for podiatry allows to treat a wide spectrum of pathologies acting like a germ reduction’s agent for onychomycosis and several others bacteria’s related conditions.


Also called Toenail fungus, it is an unpleasant condition caused by fungal invasion of the nail structure and it represents one of the most common foot concerns in adults.

RAPIDO Laser provides antimicrobial action with effective results. If compared to conventional methods, the action of RAPIDO Laser has shown to be more selective in treating local infection,  avoiding systemic side effects and excessive use of antibiotics.


RAPIDO Laser has an effective anti-inflammatory effect and allows to relieve painful symptoms, for example in case of plantar fasciitis and joint bursitis, as well as anti-edema therapy.


Surgical Laser treatment has been used widely in podiatry in recent years. Through the intense beam of laser light it’s possible to vaporize the wart tissue. It is highly reliable with minimal scar tissue formation. 

The Advantages At a Glance

  • Complete and dedicated clinical protocols
  • Gentle and effective treatments
  • Complete with accessories
  • No invasive procedures
  • Minimal running costs

Also Available in:     ITA