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Face Micro Contouring

Look as good as you feel


Acne can be treated

Diode lasers for every skin concern


Healthier looking skin

Minimize the appearance of fine lines

Diode laser technology is considered a versatile and effective instrument also in the dermatology field, where it is used to perform skin treatments without bleeding and with a lower risk of infections.

In modern times, the adoption of multi-wave laser systems seems to be the running way to achieve better and stable aesthetic results.


RAPIDO DERMA is an innovative multi-wave laser solution developed for the Dermatology Specialist.


The target of the blue laser is hemoglobin and its application offers a more precise and selective action, with less power applied to the skin.

635nm RED LASER:

One of the wavelengths most studied by Specialists is the 635nm Red laser. 

It is used in Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT for its superficial effects as well as for Photo Dynamic procedures.

980nm IR LASER:

The wavelength of 980nm is more absorbed by water and is definitely the oxygen supplier to the cells.

The deeper action allows to generate local heating points which increase the microcirculation and boost the exchange of nutrients from outside to inside the cell as well as stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The Advantages At a Glance

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