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The Laser technology revolution for medical application is now a reality.

MEDENCY has been built by a talented team upon profound global expertise in the laser market and diode lasers in particular. Our overall mission is to deliver a combination of cutting-edge products, services and interaction with customers drawing on a wide network of academic partners.

MEDENCY’s CEO, Alessandro Boschi, sees business as the ultimate team experience. We think first of others and take a sincere interest in all points of view. Freedom of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation.

Certification and Quality

All our offices are registered to ISO 9001 and follow the guidelines and specifications set forth to ensure that we are consistently producing device, processes and services that meet world-class standards. We have processes in place to minimize waste and error, and to increase our productivity.

With a constant focus on research and innovation, the company has experienced growth in several markets obtaining the registration of its product in the field of dentistry,dermatology, general surgery, ENT, orthopaedics,  urology and also veterinary.

In few years we have brought our name around the world. Medency has the registration certificate of as foreign medical device manufacturer in several Health Ministries. We have taken the quality of our technology and excellent performance worldwide with the aims of assuring maximum benefit to our customers. 


First of all we are your partners! We’re your colleagues. We’re in it with you. We’re doers and helpers. That’s what we do.

The quality and reliability of the MEDENCY brand are reflected in the efficient network of specialized dealers, widely distributed in Europe and other parts of the world: over 50 highly competent points of sales able to ensure a qualified service to drive to the best choice, and a qualified post-sales team. We carefully choose our dealers who receive adequate training on the features of all Medency products: our goal is to offer you both quality and expertise.

We believe in strong and lasting relationships with our dealers. They make us stronger. They built our product development. That’s why we make it easy to inspire the confidence of customers with amazing service.

AT Your Service

MEDENCY also provides the same quality standards and excellence when it comes to customer service. Once purchased the device, we are available anytime for the maintenance, promptly resolving any critical issues. Medency provides service, support, and calibration carried out by experts trained and certified personnel worldwide. Our commitment to quality includes full warranty for all our instruments – for three years, Moreover after this period our comprehensive service provides you with the best individual protection for your investment.

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